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Privacy Policy

Your personal information belongs to you, PERIOD!

We will never sell, rent, lease or otherwise distribute your personal information without your knowledge and consent. When information is shared, it will be for the sole and explicit purpose of successfully completing the transaction which you have originated (processing your order, shipping your product, etc).

Our applications are designed to help you get the most out of your device, in doing so they may require access to your personal information (Contacts, E-mail addresses, etc). Any information accessed by the application will be used only to perform the functions that the application is designed to offer you, and only in ways you are aware of. You will always know what information our application accesses, what it will be used for and why that information is needed.

Some features within certain applications will allow you to connect with other third-party applications on your device. When you use our application to transmit your personal information to such applications, the third-party application's privacy policy takes effect once the information is transferred.

Our applications may permit you to back your personal data up on our servers for recovery purposes, this information will be protected using industry standard encryption and security practices.

When you perform an on-line purchase with us, using your credit card, this information will not be stored on our servers and will only be accessible by our PCI compliant Credit Card processor.

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